High Amperage Main Switch 20A 440VAC -- Large Profile


  • Model: SWM-20B


Product Description:

This is a 4-pole, 2-position power switch which can be used as the main switch to turn on/off high power loads. The current rating is 20A, and voltage rating is 440VAC. Four mounting screws are included.

This switch is slightly bigger than SWM-20 in the dimensions of the upper part of the switch (the portion that is above the panel). Please pay attention to the dimensions in the specifications. 

Poles: 4 poles 
Switching positions: two positions (on/off)
Operating current rating: 20 A.
Operating voltage rating: 440 VAC
Mounting hole position: 1.42'' x 1.42'' (48 x 48 mm)
Mounting holes: 4 x 
Ø0.18'' (Ø4.5 mm), 1 x Ø0.33'' (Ø8.5 mm)    
Maximum panel thickness: 0.20'' (5 mm)
Depth behind the panel: 1.69'' (43 mm)
Height above the panel: 1.69'' (43 mm) 



Dimensions of the SWM-20B. 

Dimensions (unit: mm) A C L H D1 D2 E F Panel
SWM-20B 64 43 43 42 8.5 4.5 48 48 1-5

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