Flashing Buzzer, 240V . 16 mm


  • Model: FLBuz-220-16


Product Description:

­­This flashing buzzer can be used to alarm the user if temperature is too high or too low when connected to the PID controller alarm output.  When the alarm condition meets, it will beep and flashing with red light. It is designed to be mount on a control panel with standard 16 mm ­mounting hole. Since it is powered by AC, ­wiring it is much simpler than a DC buzzer. No extra power supply is needed. This buzzer is to be powered by 22-240VAC. Compared with 16 mm diameter buzzer, this one is much smaller. It is more suitble for small control panel that has limited mounting space.
This flashing buzzer can also be used with our multifunction timer/counter. When the time or count meets the preset value, the relay can turn on the buzzer to inform the operator.  
Please check the following demo video. The buzzer is connected to the gauge's high limit alarm. It will turn on when temperature reaches 900 degrees and off when temperature is below 898 degrees.


Mounting Cutout: 16 mm (0.63")
Life ≥30000 hours
Brightness: 40~60cd/sq. m.
Voltage range: ±20%
Dielectric Strength: 2. 5kv
Front diameter: 19.2 mm (0.75")
Total length: 55 mm (2.15")
Insertion Length from the front panel: 45mm (1.75")


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