2-in-1 LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Gauge


  • Model: DVA-120


Product Description:

1. Unlike the other voltage gauge on the market, Auber DVA-120 does not require any external DC power supply; it will be self-powered when connecting to a circuit with testing range between 80 ~ 500 VAC.                                                                                          
2. Instead of using a shut, an AC current transformer (inductive transducer) is used for more accurate reading and easier installation.
Input Range  AC 80~300V
Measuring Range:  AC 0 ~ 100 A  80 ~ 300 V
No. of digits  3½
Dimensions  79mm×43mm×31mm (W*H*D)
LCD Color  Blue
Sampling rate  2-3 readings per second
Accuracy  ± 1%
Resolution  0.1 A
Mounting size  71 mm x 39 mm
Working temperature  -15 to 50° C
Working humidity  10 to 80% RH (noncondensing)
Working pressure  80 to 106 kPa

Wiring Tips:
Here are two typical wiring diagrams for PID and SSR controlled heating system, one for 120V system and one for 240V system. 

1. The DVA-120 gets its power only when it measures a 80 ~ 500 VAC from its voltage measurement port. As the PID starting pulsing the power to the heating element, the voltmeter will lose its power when the heating element is turned off. Move wire A to Pin #1 of the SSR so that the voltmeter stays on all the time.

2. Put only one wire through the current measurement loop. If you want to measure the total current of multiple wires, make sure the electric current flows in the same direction of all the wires that go through the loop.

3. We recommend connect the current measurement loop first, and then connect the voltage measurement port. Do NOT touch any part of the circuit on DVA-120 once it is connected to power to avoid electric shock hazard. 

120V system: 

240V system (US):

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