CUBE Tabletop Brewing Controller 240V 30A 7200W

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Auber CUBE tabletop plug-n-play brewing controller has almost all the features you need for tabletop BIAB brewing: For mashing, it offers a very stable temperature control without the worry of temperature overshot. User can also program the temperature to optimize the enzyme activity at each step of mashing. Two switch controlled outlets for pump are provided. For boiling, its rotary knob can adjust the power output with 1% precision.  It has a multi-event timer for adding hops at different times. The built-in buzzer will notify the user for every timer event. It also has element control switches that allow the user to monitor the temperature when heater is turned off.  The unit is for North American 240V power system. The maximum current rating is 30A.

Key Features:


The built-in temperature controller is EZboil® DSPR310D, which is a digital power regulator designed to automate the liquid boiling and mashing process. Its temperature control function utilizes an artificial intelligent algorithm optimized for mashing application. It is easier to understand and more convenient to operate than traditional PID controllers. For most mashing systems, EZboil® can hold the temperature within one degree right out of the box. User can also program multi-step temperature profile (different mashing temperature and time duration for every step) in mashing mode.
Temperature sensor:

This controller includes one PT100 RTD probe with 8’ braided cable by default (12' braided cable is optional). Please select the model number of your preferred probe in the “RTD Probe Option” above. Seven tri-clamp probe options are available. Please leave a note for the tri-clamp probe# you need (During checkout, there is a textbox that you can leave notes or comments for the order). Or you can simply send us an email for the trip-clamp probe you want. RTD sensor connector is XLRCON-M.  
Tri-clamp Probe# Part# Flange OD Probe Length
1 PT100-C 1.988” (50.5mm) 1.38” (35mm)
2 PT100-C 1.988” (50.5mm) 2.36” (60mm)
3 PT100-C 1.988” (50.5mm) 6” (150mm)
4 PT100-C 1.988” (50.5mm) 8” (200mm)
5 PT100-C-2 2.52” (64mm) 2.36” (60mm)
6 PT100-C-2 2.52” (64mm) 6” (150mm)
7 PT100-C-2 2.52” (64mm) 8” (200mm)
Power rating:
Auber CUBE CU001 is designed for North America 240V AC power line that requires a four lines power connection (L1, L2, N and G). It is rated as 30 Amp, 240V, 7200W. Power input socket is NEMA L14-30P. One L14-30R power input cable connector is included for your convenience.   
Power output socket for heater is NEMA L6-30R. Maximum power output is 30A, 240V. Optional NEMA L6-30P plug is offered. Two power output sockets for pump are NEMA 5-15R. Maximum power output is 10A, 120V for each pump output. Total power output (one heater and two pumps) is limited to 30A.

All Included Parts
        Heater Control Output (Max)            30A, 240V AC. NEMA L6-30R socket
Pump Control Output (Max) 10A, 120V AC. NEMA 5-15R socket
Input Inlet (Max) 30A, 240V AC. NEMA L14-30R Connector, four conductors
Sensor  Pt100 RTD sensor, XLRCON-M connector
Circuit Breaker 32A, 2-pole, UL Listed
Temperature Controller Auber DSPR310
Dimension (W x H x D) 9.1 x 5.3 x 7.9 inch (230 x 135 x 200 mm)
Weight 7.9 lb
Warranty One (1) year for parts and labor

1. Lead time for this product is 2-3 business days. Please contact us if you have any questions or customized project needs.
2. The project box for CUBE controller is available here: Qbox1  
3. Input power cord is not included because each user may have different hook up requirement in terms of cable length and connection type.
4. Although the controller includes a breaker switch, it is recommended that to hook up the system with a GFCI or Earth Leak protected power line because water is involved in the brewing equipment.


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