Liquid Weighing Dispensing Filling Machine, w/ Pump


  • Model: AWM-L01


Product Description:

The AWM-L01 liquid weighting dispensing machine, or gravimetric liquid dispenser, is a closed loop dispensing system that provides higher level of accuracy than the timer controlled dispensing system. The timer controlled dispensing system is an open-loop controlled system with no feedback. Timer is the only factor which controls the amount of dispensed liquid. Many other factors can also affect its dispensing accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

For example, some liquid may change its viscosity with temperature, pressure, time or size of the molecule (from batch to batch). If the ambient temperature changes, or the molecule size varies, the amount of dispensed liquid will change as well. In addition, liquid level in the reservoir, solid particles in the liquid, the aging of the pump and the condition of dispensing tubing can all affect the amount of dispensed liquid in this timer controlled open-loop system. User has to weigh the dispensed liquid manually to control the final quality. This AWM-L01 liquid weighing machine can solve all the problems above. The dispensing process can only be stopped when the set weight is reached. Normally, a 3% accuracy can be achieved without any tuning. 1% or less accuracy can be reached easily after fine tuning. 

Key features are below:

1). Universal design for different dispensing projects. For traditional dispensing systems by time, user may need to adjust the dispensing time for different types of liquid or different liquid pressure. Dispensing by weight can eliminate all these time related factors for better accuracy and user-friendly. 

2). Automatic dispensing mode for easy use. Exclusive automatic mode can sense the placement of new container, auto-tare the weight of the container and auto-dispense by your set weight. It will auto-zero when you remove the container from the scale. User don’t need to press any keys during the whole process.

3). Memory feature. User can store up to 4 pre-set dispensing set values in the machine for future use.

4). This machine has one built-in diaphragm pump. 

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Capacity 4 Kilogram (8.8 lb)
Readability 1 Gram (28.3 oz)
Accuracy 3 Gram (85.0 oz)
Unit of Measurement Gram
Operating Environment Temperature 32 ~ 120F (0 ~ 50C)
Store Temperature 14 ~ 140F (-10 ~ 60C)
Power Cord Length 3 ft (1 m)
Water Intake Pipe Length 55 inch (1.4 m)
Water Outlet Pipe Length 17 inch (0.45 m)
Pump Type Diaphragm
Maximum Flow Rate 118 Fluid Ounce per Minute
(3.5 Liter per Minute)
Power Supply 110 ~ 220V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Cord Plug US plug (NEMA 5-15P)
Dimension 7.1 x 7.1 x 3.9”
(180 x 180 x 100 mm)
Warranty 90 days

Click here to download instruction manual. 

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