Temperature sensor for Rancilio and Gaggia Espresso machine


  • Model: PT100M4


Product Description:

This new RTD sensor is specially developed for measuring the temperature of espresso machine boiler. The sensor has a metric screw tip. The thread of the tip is M4x0.7 and is 6 mm long, identical to the thermostat tip used on Rancilio and Gaggia machines. This sensor can be directly mounted to the hole underneath the thermostat of Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia Classic or Gaggia Deluxe. Compared with sensor mounted on the surface of boiler, this sensor will respond to the temperature change sooner. A faster response will lead to a more stable temperature control.

The sensor is also more accurate than commonly used thermocouple sensors. When using the thermocouple sensor with an industrial PID controller, the temperature displayed on the LED screen can be one to two degree off the actual temperature during the warming up period. This is because industrial controller normally uses very simple cold junction compensation circuit as long as it does not affect the accuracy of the working range. For K type thermocouple, 0.2% accuracy of working range is about 5 F. The RTD sensor (Pt100) is more accurate than thermocouple because does not have the cold junction compensation issue.

Please note that this kit will not work for Rancilio Silvia manufactured before 2000 and after May 2006. The manufacture date of Silvia is printed in the last row of the label on the bottom of the machine. If it says 0506, it means it is made on May 2006.  

Specifications: Sensor type, Platinum RTD, 100 ohm (Pt100). Tip thread, M4x0.7. Length, 6 mm. Housing of the probe: Nickel plated brass. Cable: 45 cm long TEFLON insulated. Maximum working temperature: 350C (650F) Accuracy: Class A. +/-0.15C at 0.0 C. Alpha: 0.00385 Click Here for Temperature Vs Resistance Table

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Please note this probe is not for Saeco Aroma or Starbucks Barista.

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