Medium Box for Controller and Timer 4.7x2.8x5.3"


  • Model: Mbox16


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Product Description:

This project box can be used for mounting a 1/32 or 1/16 DIN size controller or timer. There is also space for switches and small relays. 

There are two options for the front panel. One is blank. Buyers can cut a 1/32 or 1/16 DIN hole to fit their own controller and switches. The other option is with a 45 x 45 mm square pre-cut, which will fit a 1/16 DIN size controller. The back panel is blank. Users can drill holes to fit the size of cable used. The top of the box can be opened for easy wiring. The box is made of extruded aluminum finished with silver color powder coating. Outer dimensions(W x H x L) are:120 x 70 x135 mm, (4.72x 2.75 x5.25 inch). Four stick-on round rubber feet are provided.

Click here for how to cut the instrument panel

Note: 1) Due to its light weight, push button switch is not suitable for front mounting unless the box is attached to a stable base. 2) There is no extra room in the box for a regular size contactor. 3) If you install an SSR inside, the box can carry up to 10A load without overheat.


This picture shows the inside space when an SYL-2342 and an SW2 are installed.

Box with an SYL-2342 and an SW2 installed.

Box with controller installed, Internal View

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