Thermal Grease, Silicone Compound


  • Model: SI-07


Product Description:

Thermal grease, also called silicone thermal conductive compound, is for filling the air gap between the SSR and the heat dissipation metal plate. It will ensure an efficient heat transfer between the SSR and the metal plate.  The grease is made of silicone oil and thermal conductive minerals.  It is inert, thermal conductive and stable at high temperature. It is not electric conductive,  and will not dry out with time.

This product contains 0.7 grams of grease (in one mini syringe) that is sufficient for one SSR.

If you need a large quantity of thermal grease, please contact us.

Note, You do not need to purchase this grease if you are going to purchase Heat Sink from us. Our heat sink package comes with the grease and mounting screws.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 05 January, 2016.

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