Animal Temperature Controller, dual-sensor


  • Model: WSD-30C


Product Description:

WSD-30C is a PID controller with dual sensor for animal research. It allows the researcher to maintain the animal's body temperature at specific value while recording signal that they are interested in. It should be used with AC powered heating pad. It is supplied with a rectal probe and a chip sensor for heating pad. The shank of the rectal is 2.0 mm in diameter. The tip has a 3.0 mm barb for holding the probe in the animal. It is suitable for both mice and rat. The second is a 2 x 2 mm chip that is to be mounted to a heating pad. It  can be used to limit the maximum surface temperature of the pad so that animal will not be burned due to hot surface. The setting for the maximum surface temperature limit can be adjusted and viewed by the user. It increases the flexibility of the system to fit different experiment requirements.
In addition to the standard operation mode for animal temperature control, this controller can also be used as single sensor controller for other research projects. The sensors used in this controller is the standard Pt1000 RTD sensor. We offer several different forms for liquid or air temperature control.   For example,  it can be used for controlling the temperature of liquid in a beaker. Or,  it can be used as incubator controller to maintain a heating pad at a specific temperature.


Input voltage                         100 to 240 VAC 50 /60 Hz
Output voltage                      Same as input, 10A Max.
Controller Mode                     PID, PI, PD or P
Rectal probe dimensions      2.0 mm diameter x 30 mm long
Rectal Probe cable length                1.2 meter
Heating pad sensor              2.0x2.0x2.0 chip
Heating pad length                1.2 meter
Temperature resolution          0.1 °C
Temperature display range     0-50. °C
Mini. Control Temperature      5 °C  above ambient
Max. Control Temperature      50.C
Temperature accuracy           +/- 0.1°C (in 25-40 °C range)
Controller Dimension               6x3x8.3 inch (155 x80x210 mm) WxHxD.
Weight                                  2.4lb (1.0 kg).

Warranty                               1 year for controller. 90 days for sensor

Sensor View

Controller back view

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