1/16 DIN PID Temp Controller with Linear Output, Optional RS-485

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Product Description:

Product update: This SYL-2381-mA (Default) Option is currently out of stock. New supply is expected to arrive on 3/15/2018.

This temperature controller offers great value for its price as it is accurate, smart, reliable and equipped with more features than most controllers on the market. The artificial intelligence enhanced PID algorithm and auto-tune function will control the temperature within one degree accuracy without complicated PID parameter fine tuning. This controller is not only made with all the primary functions of an industrial grade PID controller but also made simple for the amateur user. 

This controller has been upgraded with many new features. 0 - 20 mA and 4 - 20 mA linear outputs can be used to drive proportional valve. Relay output can be used to drive small load or mechanical contactor. The cold junction compensation circuit has been improved for increased accuracy when used with thermocouple sensor. A new true on/off control mode is useful for controlling a refrigerator, motor, or solenoid valve that does not favor frequent switching. Users can set the temperature and hysteresis band. It will work like a mechanical thermostat with increased accuracy and tighter temperature range. A manual control function is also added that allows the user to control the heater power just like a dimmer switch for a light bulb. This is a useful function for the beer brewer to control the strength of boiling. The latest addition is the limit control function that can be used for safety protection. When connected to a contactor or linear load, it can function as a latching relay that will shut off the system if the temperature is out of control. The heater will not be turned on until reset manually. The limit control is also useful for automatic shutdown applications when a certain temperature is reached. e.g., ceramic kiln firing, meat cooking, and distillation. All of the control modes can be set for either relay output or linear control output by the user.

Two models are available: SYL-2381-mA is the standard model. SYL-2381-mA-S is the model with RS-485 (Modbus_RTU). SYL-2381-mA-S has all the features of SYL-2381-mA, plus the RS-485 serial communication feature. User can use host (like PLC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or computer) to get access to this controller over RS-485 port.  

Note: SYL-2381-mA and SYL-2381-mA-S cannot drive SSRs.


  • Dual display for both set temperature and process temperature
  • Compact size, 1/16 DIN that is only 1.89 x 1.89 x 3”
  • Supports 10 different types of commonly used temperature sensor inputs
  • The PID control output can be configured by the user for either linear output or relay contactor.
  • One contact relay can be configured as one PID main output or alarm output.
  • Auto-tune function can find the best PID parameter automatically
  • Displays temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Four digits LED display can go up to "9999"
  • 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA options are available for applications like proportional valve
  • On/Off control mode for refrigerator, motor and solenoid valve control application (for alarm output only)
  • Bump less transfer between Auto and Manual control
  • Optional RS-485 communication feature
  • 90-days warranty

Main Specifications:

Input type TC: K, E, S, R, J, T, B, WRe3-WRe25 RTD: Pt100, Cu50
Input range K (-200 ~ 1300ºC), S (-50 ~ 1600ºC), WRe3-WRe25 (0 ~ 2300ºC ),
R (-50 ~ 1600ºC), T (-200 ~ 400ºC),E (-200 ~ 900ºC), J (-200 ~ 1200ºC),
B (350 ~ 1800ºC), Pt100 (-99.9 ~ 600.0ºC) or (-200 ~ 600ºC), Cu50 (-50 ~ 150ºC)
Display Two lines, Four digits. °F or °C.
Display Resolution 1°C, 1°F,  0.1°C or 0.1°F with PT100 probe
Accuracy ±0.2% or ±1 unit of full input range
Control mode PID, manual, on/off (for J1 relay only) 
Output mode Linear output: 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA;
Relay contact: 3 A at 240 VAC
Alarm Absoulte high/low alarm, deviation high/low alarm
Power consumption < 2 Watt
Power supply
voltage rating
85 ~ 260 VAC / 50 ~ 60 Hz or 85 - 260 VDC
Dimension 48 x 48 x 75 mm (1/16 DIN)

Click Here for Instruction Manual of SYL-2381-mA
Click Here for RS485 Manual
Click Here for Simply Modbus (Modbus test software)

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